As COVID-19 spreads, people around the globe are heeding the call from health professionals and governments to #StayHome. In Peru, our sisters and brothers are listening. They know that if the disease is not stopped or at least slowed, the consequences could be catastrophic.

But staying home and following good hygiene is far from easy in a country where 69% of workers have no job security or benefits, where water is often scarce and where one in five people lives in poverty.

Lambayeque province, where most of Heart-Links’ partners live and work, has become the epicentre of the disease in the north. Although the capital reports by far the most confirmed cases, the fatality rate in Lambayeque is about six times that of Lima. Hospitals in the north are overrun. As of May 4, Lambayeque had only one ICU bed and one ventilator left in the entire province.

That’s why Heart-Links is supporting the work of our partners on the ground to continue to address the needs of the people they work with and to help prevent the disease’s spread. By redirecting project funding to meet the emergency, Heart-Links’ partners are

  • checking in with community leaders
  • offering mental health and emotional support
  • promoting measures that prevent infection
  • distributing basic foods and protective equipment
  • supporting home-based income generation projects for people who have lost income
  • ensuring government aid gets to the people who need it

In the coming months, Heart-Links’ will continue to work with all our partners to assess emerging needs and respond effectively. Your donations will help see them through.

#FlattenTheCurve #OneWorld