Our Emergency Fund for Flood Relief is now closed. Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously. Concerned Canadians and residents donated a total of $21,390 to help Peruvians recover and rebuild after the devastating floods of early 2017 and to take steps, through organization, preparation and environmental stewardship to reduce the damage caused by such heavy rains in the future.

Read here to learn about the relief work your donations made possible.


At the end of January, devastating rains caused flooding across northern Peru, leaving some streets with more than 16 inches of water and sewage systems and houses destroyed. The Peruvian government declared a state of emergency in Lambayeque, where two of our partner agencies and our agents in the Zaña Valley are located. In some instances our partners have been the first responders to the dire situation, rallying the community together to take action to help those who are most in need.

Heavy rains and flooding have destroyed houses, washed out highways and overcome sewer systems.

Now the situation is contributing to increased risk of challenging diseases that include dengue and cholera. Though our partners are working with federal, provincial and municipal government agencies, including the ministries of Defense and Heath, the work of citizen action groups and local agencies is critical to helping to restore the communities and address the severe challenges that they now face.

Help our partners help their communities attend to flood victims, stem disease and rebuild.

From now until May 15th Heart-Links is accepting donations from Canadians wishing to support our partner agencies who are responding to the relief efforts. During this time, all donations to Heart-Links made through Canada Helps will be directed to this work. Donations can also be made by cheque (please add a note that you wish your funds to be directed to the “2017 Emergency Fund”). For all donations over $10, a charitable tax receipt will be issued.

Heart-Links will take responsibility for monitoring all of our emergency-funded projects in Peru.

Please give generously. Let’s show solidarity with our Peruvian friends as they work through this difficult time.

Thank you!