The Esperanza Centre for Alternative Education is a school for Indigenous children in Cajamarca. The families of many of these children have been pushed off their traditional lands by mining and other extractive industries. In the city, these children are often left alone for long periods while their parents are at work as maids, market vendors or general labourers. As Indigenous people, they encounter discrimination and racism everywhere.

Run by our newest partner, ACIES, the centre offers these children an after-school program that respects and values their Indigenous heritage. Children draw on the ancestral knowledge of their community, create new knowledge through hands-on projects, and learn independence and sustainability by growing a garden and using its produce.

The project contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals of no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education and more.

For many years the school operated out of a local church hall, but a change in management meant they had to move out. Your donation will help give the Esperanza Centre for Alternative Education a building of its own so it can continue this good work on a firm footing.