Latidos (Heartbeats) is a new nongovernmental organization founded by Flor Reaño in 2016 that aims to support women and children in Cayaltí and Zaña. In their work with women, Latidos seeks to acknowledge the role of women in agriculture and supports them in bettering their lives through education, training and resources. With children, Latidos provides training to teachers who have little access to professional development and supports families with children who are struggling in school. It delivers workshops to parents so that they can better accompany and encourage their child’s learning.

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Projects that Heart-Links currently supports:

  • Rural Women Chamba seeks to help women in Cayaltí and Zaña build their businesses, earn higher incomes, assume leadership roles in their communities and achieve equality in the workplace and in their homes.
  • Learn in Miraflores Library seeks to bolster the learning of children from the rural towns of Zaña and Cayaltí who are not doing well at school by working with their teachers and their parents.