HEART-LINKS LAZOS DE CORAZÓN is a London-based nongovernmental organization that works to advance community development in northern Peru. We partner with organizations in Peru to finance and accompany initiatives in education, leadership training, women’s empowerment and health, among others. We organize an annual trip to northern Peru for people who are interested in how it feels to walk in solidarity with people from another part of the world.



To work in solidarity with our partners in northern Peru as they address the root causes of poverty and social injustices in their communities. To raise awareness in Canada about global issues and work at the local, provincial and national levels to help develop good global citizens.


Canada-Peru solidarity that builds community, pursues social justice, and contributes to our common welfare.

Guiding Principles

Heart-Links Lazos de Corazón follows best practices as embodied in the Istanbul Principles of 2010 and contributes to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Our work will:

    • Build solidarity and personal connection with civil society in northern Peru
    • Give priority to the most impoverished and vulnerable people
    • Embody gender equity, inclusion and environmental sustainability
    • Respect and promote human rights, with special attention to the rights of women and girls and Indigenous peoples
    • Promote community engagement that leads to empowerment and self-determination
    • Demonstrate accountability and transparency

Read our 2017 Annual Report.

Financial Statements are available upon request.
Please call 226-884-2845 or email info@heart-links.org.

Heart-Links celebrates its 20th anniversary with children and youth of Zaña