Louise Vandenbosch

headshot of Louise Vandenbosch

As a social worker, currently in private practice, I have dedicated my career to strengthening families and communities. I became involved with Heart-Links in 2010: one, because I’d had a busy year at work and wanted to try something completely different; and two, because I had always planned to do international work once my children were grown. Heart-Links’ Work/ Awareness Trip (now called the Solidarity Trip) seemed like the perfect window into international work. From the start, I was hooked. The people I met in Peru were generous and kind and showed such resilience under very difficult circumstances. I returned to Canada resolved to become involved in the organization. It has been a fulfilling endeavour.

Fraser Macdonald, Treasurer

I joined the Heart-Links Board as treasurer in November 2015.  I am a retired banker, having served for many years in a senior capacity in various Latin American countries. My experience in South America included active participation in charitable endeavours and through it, I developed a deep appreciation for and friendships with people throughout the region. My wife Yvonne and I are avid but very average golfers and enjoy life on our large hobby farm just outside London.

Cecilia Inguanse

I have 27 years of experience working with vulnerable communities in urban and rural areas in both Peru and Canada. As a case worker at My Sister’s Place, I have dedicated 17 years to community mental health, in particular among women facing abuse and trauma. One of the passions I share with Heart-Links is the desire to help Peruvian communities along the road to an improved quality of life by supporting their empowerment through education and training, starting with the recognition of their own strengths and potential.

Ruth Taylor, Operations Coordinator

I work part-time as Heart-Links’ sole staff person. Supported by a great board and many dedicated volunteers, I get to apply my skills to helping make our world a little more like the compassionate, fair, inclusive place I’d love it to be. I draw on close to a decade of experience working as a journalist and communicator in Guatemala and on a long history of participation in global solidarity efforts. I was thrilled to discover that an organization like Heart-Links existed in London, Ontario, and even more thrilled that they hired me.

Vala Gylfadottir

Michelle Pierce Hamilton

Trish Gergich, Chair

Maya Clarke