Heart-Links’ work in solidarity with the people of northern Peru would not be possible without the generosity of many committed individuals and organizations. We are very grateful to our donors and take this opportunity to recognize and thank them:

Visionaries ($5,000+)

ursulines of chatham, cambia development foundationa, sisters of st. joseph, sisters of saint martha

Champions ($1,000–$4,999)

Burneo de las Casas Medicine ProfessionalsKimberly FriasLouise and Mark VandenboschMarie and Jean SteinmetzEast Windsor Catholic Family of Parishes
Holy Name of Jesus Mission CommitteeJennifer WitzelLouise Mauffette-LeendersRegina Women’s GroupSisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul
Fraser and Yvonne MadonaldFrank O’ConnorAnonymous (1)

Builders ($250–$999)

Sisters of the Precious BloodVirginia and Robert PettapieceMetropolitan United ChurchMary Patricia and Mike HudakPat and Wayne ScottSt. Mary’s Mission Group
Christine TroughtonValgerdur GylfadottirDiocesan Mission OfficeCarolyn BeukeboomYolande DeClercqAllan Edwards
Francesca LoboSilvia LangerRuth TaylorJean McPhailKeith BrooksPatricia Mack
Frances and Ronald AndersonJulia Kolb and Kirk MaltbyBruce Hewitt and Helena SteinmetzMichael Loebach and Patricia Howe-LoebachHelen JimenezLeslee Lefterluk
Barbara LentDavid WalshMary DurandAnonymous (2)

Believers ($100–$249)

Lee Cyn Ang and Liang Yong Ang-LowMetropolitan United Church WomenAudrey TimmermanMary-Jane FrancescuttiGordon Price and Jennifer SlauenwhiteBarbara Boles-DavisBrenda and Bill Zadorsky
Denise DaltonSusan CassanIrene DonohueJill YoungSusan PriceCarolyn CorcoranShannon Calvert
Andry KroekerLinda DisikSheila HorrellJean GarangerJusta GillilandJanet LoebachBarbara Newton
Cecilia InguanseAileen CzerwieniecMichael and Jane WuLarry MacdonaldJayne Brady-MiltenburgSandra Mackenzie and Bruce BrillingerLinda Lustins and Richard Phillips
Trish GergichDiana KuypersKaren GleesonJulia RoloSarah LucierJeff RynardJanet Stewart
Paula MarcotteEileen LucierSister Kitty StaffordAnn SteadmanRiley TrottierJudy WirchDenyse Regan
Sally VernonMarianne VandenboschMarie WhiteC.P.S. TaylorPauline RoyMira RatkajLogan Rohde
Anonymous (9)  

Friends ($20–$99)

John HamiltonMarie Eleonor EspirituBrenda HuttonHeather BarclayOzelle CaseKaren and Raymond MurrayJudy Davidson
Carlos EvaristoEileen O’LechDharshi LaceyPauline MaheuxPat McKayGrant Ivens and Jo ZadorskyPhyllis Parr
Anne GehmanLouise TamblynMary ResslerMatthew Van de VenIsabel VarillasEvan PrendergastGino Nicodemo
Anonymous (10)

Monthly Donors (2021)

Johh HamiltonBrenda and Bill ZadorskyMary Patricia and Mike HudakFrances and Ronald AndersonBarbara LentBruce Hewitt and Helena SteinmetzEileen and Eugene Lucier
Janet LoebachAileen CzerwieniecChristine TroughtonRiley TrottierIrene DonohueJean GarangerJusta Gilliland
C.P.S. TaylorSheila HorrellMichael Loebach and Pat Howe-LoebachDenise DaltonRuth TaylorJulia Kolb and Kirk MaltbyJennifer Witzel
Patricia MackPaula MarcotteAnne GehmanJean McPhailTrish GergichJulia RoloMira Ratkaj
Virginia and Robert PettapieceAudrey TimmermanPauline MaheuxPat and Wayne ScottDr. Burneo de las CasasGordon Price and Jennifer SlauenwhiteLina and Chris Bowden
Valgerdur GylfadottirLeslee LefterukKimberly FriasMary DurandAnonymous (3)

In Memoriam

In 2021, donations were made in memory of the following people:

Christine RegnierTeresa and Peter Berezowski

In Honour

In 2021, donations were made in honour of the following people:

Ruth TaylorSr. Janet ZadorskySr. Kitty Stafford
*If you do not wish your name to appear here, or if we have made an error, please let us know at info@heart-links.org and we will update this page.