Heart-Links’ work in solidarity with the people of northern Peru would not be possible without the generosity of many committed individuals and organizations. We are very grateful to our donors and take this opportunity to recognize and thank them:

Visionaries ($5,000+)

Champions ($1,000–$4,999)

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association Metropolitan United Church Burneo de las Casas Medicine Professionals Holy Name of Jesus Mission Committee Ursuline Religious of the Diocese of London
Jennifer Witzel Marie and Jean Steinmetz Shannon and Paul Theriault Louise and Mark Vandenbosch Anonymous (1)

Builders ($250–$999)

Helen and Hugo Carlos Jimenez Virginia and Robert Pettapiece St. Mary’s Mission Group Mary Patricia and Mike Hudak Pat and Wayne Scott Linda Lustins and Richard Phillips Bruce Hewitt and Helena Steinmetz
Christine Troughton Valgerdur Gylfadottir Julia Kolb Nicole Martineau Jean McPhail Elizabeth O’Brien Rev. John Comiskey
Carolyn Beukeboom Justa Gilliland Patricia Mack David Walsh Anne Irwin† Anonymous (2)
Frances and Ronald Anderson Our Lady of Assumption Mission Club Eileen and Eugene Lucier Allan and Susan Edwards

Believers ($100–$249)

Jayne Brady-Miltenburg Metropolitan United Church Women Audrey and Peter Timmerman Silvia Langer and Michael Klug Gordon Price and Jennifer Slauenwhite Michael Loebach and Patricia Howe-Loebach Brenda and Bill Zadorsky
Denise Dalton Yolande DeClercq Irene Donohue Jill Young Susan Price Susan Cassan Carolyn Corcoran
Dianna Hardy Rick Dawe Sheila Horrell Jean Garanger Mary Durand Janet Loebach Barbara Newton
Frank O’Connor Aileen Czerwieniec Michael and Jane Wu Sheila and Len Hughes Barbara Lent Norma Poel Marjorie Paisley†
Mira Ratkaj Janet and Paul Tufts Shannon Calvert Sally Vernon Sarah Lucier Johanna de Vries Gudrun Thomas
Paula Marcotte Mary-Jane Francescutti Elaine Philbrick Ann Steadman Riley Trottier Judy Wirch Anonymous (4)

Friends ($20–$99)

Grant Ivens and Jo Zadorsky Marie Eleonor Espiritu Joyce and Tom Orchard Karen and Richard Thomas Mary Ellen Pearson Karen and Raymond Murray Lee Cyn Ang and Liang Yong Ang Low
Sam and Polly Xuereb Helen Moniz and Joe Malheiro Peter and Judy Castle Lesley Lefteruk Isabel Varillas Brenda Hunt and Bruce Wentzell Linda Disik
Laura Gleason Pauline Cameron Maya Clarke Betty Dietrich Janet Donais Anne Gehman Michael Lawrence
Andrea Hebert Joan Hepworth Tony Suozzi Heather Barclay Beate Barnett Reinhard Lohmann Sandra Mackenzie
Kelly Tessier Janet Zadorsky Sandra Stevens Heide Shrouder Eileen O’Lech Gino Nicodemo Rosemary McHugh
Francesca Lobo Cornelia Vink C.P.S. Taylor Beth Tellaeche Anonymous (10)

Monthly Donors (2019)

Sheila and Len Hughes Brenda and Bill Zadorsky Mary Patricia and Mike Hudak Frances and Ronald Anderson Shannon and Paul Theriault Bruce Hewitt and Helena Steinmetz Eileen and Eugene Lucier
Janet Loebach Aileen Czerwieniec Christine Troughton Riley Trottier Irene Donohue Jean Garanger Justa Gilliland
C.P.S. Taylor Sheila Horrell Janet and Paul Tufts Denise Dalton Anne Irwin† Julia Kolb Jennifer Witzel
Patricia Mack Paula Marcotte Nicole Martineau Jean McPhail Marjorie Paisley† Shannon Calvert Mira Ratkaj
Virginia and Robert Pettapiece Audrey and Peter Timmerman Louise and Mark Vandenbosch Pat and Wayne Scott Dr. Burneo de las Casas Gordon Price and Jennifer Slauenwhite Lina and Chris Bowden
Valgerdur Gylfadottir Mary Durand Anonymous (1)

In Memorium

In 2019, donations were made in memory of the following people:

Anne Irwin Suzanne DeClercq Carlos Oliveira Madre Oliva Dochstader Marilyn Garton Maurice Dubois Archie Van De Velde

In Honour

In 2019, donations were made in honour of the following people:

Fraser Macdonald Janet Zadorsky Helena Steinmetz Louise Mauffette-Leenders Pam Bentley
*if you do not wish your name to appear here, or if we have made an error, please let us know at info@heart-links.org and we will update this page