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Donate online to our emergency fund for the flooding in Peru
(please add a note that you wish your funds to be directed to “2017 Emergency Fund”)

Heart-Links extends our concern and solidarity to our partners in the Zana Valley, Chiclayo and Cajamarca during the state of emergency that has transpired since January 31st from the impacts of the devastating rains. In some instances our partner agencies have been the first responders to the dire situation, rallying the community together to take action to help those that are most in need. The flooding has been particularly destructive since the lack of infrastructure has initially left the streets with more than 16 inches of water and sewage and houses destroyed. The situation is contributing to increased risk of challenging diseases that include dengue and cholera. Though our partners are working with federal, provincial and municipal government agencies including the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Heath, the work of citizen action groups and local agencies is critical to helping to restore the communities and address the severe challenges that they now face.

From now until May 15th we are accepting donations from Canadians wishing to support our partner agencies who are responding to the relief efforts. Donations can also be made by cheque (please add a note that you wish your funds to be directed to “2017 Emergency Fund”). For all donations over $10 a charitable tax receipt will be issued. Heart-Links will take responsibility for monitoring all of the emergency funded projects in Peru.


Heart-Links is a small NGO, based in London, Ontario, managed by volunteers.


Through friendship and funding for the past
15 years we have worked to support several impoverished and vulnerable communities in northern Peru. 

Heart-Links focuses its efforts on the empowerment of women, children and youth. 
We utilize a participatory model to identify needs and to collaborate on various community initiatives, particularly in the areas of education, nutrition, health and income generation with the goal of promoting self-sufficiency. 

  Each year, Heart-Links organizes a three-week Solidarity Trip to provide Canadians with an opportunity to live and work with our Peruvian friends, to better understand their reality and to further cement our friendships.   
  There are three distinct elements to Heart-Links' work:  
  Peru Projects Trips to Peru Presentations  
Peru projects
trips to Peru

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