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men and women and a child plant seedlings in dirt

Promoting Environmental Awareness across JLO


Centro Santa Angela will consolidate strides made in reducing pollution and promoting a culture of environmental stewardship in neighbourhoods in José Leonardo Ortiz and launch an Environmental Observatory to...

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woman helps children who are seated on benches, their backs facing the camera

Closing the Education Gap in Nuevo Mocupe

  • STARTED MARCH 1, 2023

Lingering gaps in children’s education in the Zaña Valley are the focus of this project.

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Community members listen to a man who is showing them how to purify water. A translucent container full of muddy water sit on a white table.

Community-Led Development in Coloche


Following on the success of a similar project in neighbouring San Isidro, Centro Esperanza will work with 25 impoverished families in the rural community of Coloche, Lambayeque, to bring...

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Students of the Leadership School on a field trip in front of a pool and beside a swingset

Leadership School 2023 and 2024


Centro Santa Angela will follow a hybrid model of delivery for its school for community leaders in 2023 and 2024.

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Women sit on a bench against the wall, knitting while a girl in a long skirt stands in the middle of the room

Quiritimayo Community Centre 2022/23

  • STARTED APRIL 1, 2022

This Centre, run by ACIES, serves the children, youth and adults of Quiritimayo, a marginal neighbourhood in Cajamarca made up principally of Indigenous families who have recently migrated to...

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children in blue pinnies that say "Reding Club" sit at tables in a room while one girl stands at the front and reads

Post-Pandemic Recovery in the Zaña Valley

  • STARTED APRIL 1, 2022

Latidos continues to help families in the Zaña Valley recover from the impact of COVID-19 on health (including mental health and nutrition) and education.

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silhouette of a parade by rural Andean people

New Edition of the Campesino Encyclopedia


With travel restrictions lifted in mid-2021, Rural Libraries Network again took up its goal to publish and distribute a revised edition of the Enciclopedia Campesina.

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