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several women sits in chairs lined up against a wall

Women’s Empowerment 2021

  • STARTED MARCH 1, 2021

Run by Madre Oliva Association, this program is a continuation of previous projects aimed at empowering women in the communities of Zaña and Nuevo Mocupe.

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men, women and children gather to receive bags of grain

Developing a Community Chicken Hatchery

  • STARTED APRIL 1, 2021

This project, run by Centro Esperanza, builds on last year’s project to strengthen community organization and sustainable income generation by rural families whose houses, lands, crops, animals, irrigation system,...

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mother helps her son, a boy of about 6, with coloured blocks

Supporting People with Disabilities 2021

  • STARTED APRIL 1, 2021

For a third year, Heart-Links is funding a project, run by Madre Oliva Association, that provides much-needed support to a group of families in Nuevo Mocupe, a number of...

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A circle of Peruvians reading together, outside

New Edition of the Campesino Encyclopedia

  • STARTED MAY 1, 2019

The Enciclopedia Campesina is a collection of 20 volumes that gathers stories and knowledge from across the mountainous region surrounding the town of Cajamarca. It is the cornerstone of...

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