A donation to Heart-Links is a wonderful gift. Heart-Links works collaboratively with organizations and community leaders in Peru as they develop solutions to poverty and injustice in their communities. The success of collaboration depends on the financial support of people like you, who share our commitment to creating a just world.

Our Charity Registration Number is 86596 7517 RR0001

As a monthly donor, you commit to giving Heart-Links a monthly gift from your chequing account. Your gift is automatically transferred to Heart-Links from your bank account on the 15th or the 30th day of the month (your choice).

Just download and fill out our printable Donor Form and mail it with your VOID cheque to

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Who will your gift help?

Onelia says, "Everything we've been doing here, it's not just for us personally but for our community."

People like Onelia. Onelia lives in Nuevo Mocupe, a rural hamlet in the Zaña Valley where jobs are scarce. For three years, she has participated in the craft workshops for women, financed by Heart-Links and run by Madre Oliva Association.

In the program Onelia finds support she can’t get elsewhere. “When it comes to people like us,” she says, “who don’t have a profession, who became single mothers at an early age, this government—I don’t know—they forget all about us.”

The women have sold their works at local fairs and in a neighbouring town, and they’ve held a fashion show. But the program offers more than training. “It’s not just about the skills we’re developing, like embroidery or knitting, although we’ve learned that, too,” Onelia says. “We talk about self-esteem, how we feel as women, as mothers, how to become active in our community.”