sdg 3 good health and well-beingSDG 11 for sustainable cities and communitiesSDG 4 quality educationsdg 5 gender equality




Latidos’ project “GROW” aims to improve the environment and resilience of women, children and seniors in the Zaña Valley by creating strong local support networks.

Latidos will work with women to strengthen their leadership skills and potential, with children and adolescents to reduce psychosocial risks exacerbated by the pandemic and with the elderly to address their needs and harness their knowledge. They will also run three community libraries, plant trees, and run campaigns to promote health care, including mental health, nutrition and food security.

Latidos will train and accompany community leaders, connecting them to government ministries and other institutions that can lend support.

seniors holding handkerchiefs of different colours and wearing straw hats dance under a tree in the town square