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This project, run by ACIES, takes as its theme loving and caring for the Quiritimayo neighbourhood, which is built on a steep ravine on the outskirts of Cajamarca.

Smiling girls sits at table behind papier mache dolls and loaf of breadChildren who attand this afterschool program at the Quiritimayo Community Centre will write and draw about their community and participate in campaigns to clean it up. They will take part in making a mural that celebrates children at the centre and the natural world. And they will grow and care for plants. Through idividualized learning plans, children will develop their reading and writing skills but also pride in themselves, their culture and their community.

The project also funds knitting circles and gender workshops with 10 women in Quiritimayo and 15 in rural Pomabamba, who are now teaching a second generation of knitters, both boys and girls. The women sell their products in Peru and Germany.

women and children sit side by side knitting

Our thanks to the Peterborough KM Hunter Charitable Foundation for their support of this project.