Madre Oliva Association was formed by ​Heart-Links’ agents in Zaña as their own legally constituted association. The women who have dedicated so many years to improving the lives of women, youth and children in their communities, will continue their good work as an independent organization, accountable to the local community and open to partnerships with other local and regional bodies. 

Projects Heart-Links currently supports:

  • Women’s Empowerment continues to provide a space for women to come together for practical and emotional support and to train themselves in artisan and small business skills. The women work with local artists and draw on local cultural traditions to produce handicrafts for fairs and the tourist market.
  • Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities provides 20 individuals in Nuevo Mocupe (adults and children) with medications, food and psychological and life skills counselling and works with the school and the local health unit to ensure people living with developmental disabilities in this community receive appropriate attention and do not face discrimination.