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For a second year, Heart-Links is funding a project, run by Madre Oliva Association, that provides much-needed support to a group of families in Nuevo Mocupe, a number of whose members (children and adults) have developmental disabilities. The project delivers medications, diagnoses by specialists, and psychological and life skills counselling.

By the end of last year, Madre Oliva Association reported substantial progress. The school-aged children were in school and family incomes had increased. Significantly, the follow-up project the Association submitted to Heart-Links for consideration did not include supplying food.

maria stands in front of wall
“There’s no way I could ever repay what I’ve been given here.”
—Maria, mother of three children with disabilities

Then COVID-19 hit. Lockdown orders prevented many families in Peru from going out to make a living. The Peruvian government offered aid but it did not always reach the most in need. In response, this year’s project will continue to provide food, as well as masks and cleaning supplies, and will help families access government pandemic benefits.

Madre Oliva Association continues to work with the school and the local health unit to ensure people living with developmental disabilities in their communities receive appropriate attention and do not face discrimination.

Support for persons with developmental disabilities
Project leaders Cecilia Oda and Delicia Romero sit with a program participant
who lives alone in an abandoned warehouse.