In 2014 Centro Santa Angela carried out an extensive process with agency staff and community representatives that resulted in a five-year strategic plan to address environmental challenges in the impoverished José Leonardo Ortiz district of Chiclayo. In 2015 Heart-Links funded implementation of the plan’s first year, which focused on 1) increasing Santa Angela staff’s interaction with government and regulatory bodies on environmental matters; and 2) developing a government-accredited leadership team comprised of youth from the district.

In 2016, the agency’s role in government departments continued to deepen, and new members for the youth leadership team were recruited and trained. The team then focused on outreach to area schools. A pilot project was the creation of an “ecological brigade” at a local high school. After participating in a range of training workshops, the brigade conducted a diagnosis of garbage treatment in their school. The brigade went on to create and implement a school garbage plan. The experience strengthened the youth leadership team by providing them with resource materials to facilitate the introduction of the ecological brigade model in other schools in the district.

You can follow the team’s progress on their Facebook page Programa Ecológico Centro Santa Angela.