Heart-Links partner Centro Santa Angela continues to work to reduce violence against women in Chiclayo and the surrounding province of Lambayeque. This year the Centre is working with men to examine and challenge assumptions about gender roles and to develop new concepts of masculinity and paternity that embrace relationships of equality and respect.

According to the Organization of American States, the number of reports of domestic and sexual violence in Peru is the second highest in the region. In the province of Lambayeque, an average of 7,000 cases are reported each year. The actual incidence of violence is much higher.

While programs and services aimed at protecting and supporting women and children who are victims of violence have increased in Peru in recent years, little work has been done directly with men to change the outlooks that inform this behaviour.

Centro Santa Angela aims to invite 30 young men to take part in a series of 8 workshops that examine concepts of masculinity, paternity and men’s health and then to engage them in raising awareness in their communities. The project will culminate in the founding of a permanent provincial forum of Men Against Violence Against Women.

Follow the group’s activities on their Facebook page Masculinidades Chiclayo.

Heart-Links is grateful to Cambia Development Foundation for their financial support of this project.