sdg 3 good health and well-beingsdg 2 zero hungerSDG 4 quality educationsdg 5 gender equality




Latidos continues to help families in the Zaña Valley recover from the impact of COVID-19 on health (including mental health and nutrition) and education.

kids sit in a row with plates of food on their lapsThrough workshops on nutrition, vaccination campaigns, food aid for individuals with disabilities, health fairs, and workshops for rural women on how to grow healthy, organic food, Latidos will contribute to better health and food security in the valley.

On the educational front, Latidos will work with children in their community library, offer added reinforcement for children with learning disabilities, hold educational day camps in more rural areas, run fun online reading and writing contests (with prizes) that involve the whole family, work with teachers to improve their literacy teaching skills and hold books fairs.