This project, run by Centro Esperanza, delivers intercultural sensitivity training to teachers in 5 high schools in urban and rural areas of Lambayeque, at the same time engaging both students and local officials in efforts to develop more inclusive educational materials, methods and spaces.

Lambayeque, a province whose population has changed dramatically in recent years because of increased internal migration, brings together Afro-Peruvians, Indigenous people and Mestizos (people of European and Indigenous descent). Yet schools, in their practices and their curriculum, do not reflect this rich cultural heritage, privileging Mestizo culture and its European roots over that of other groups, who often face discrimination and exclusion.

After the schools have finished their training, they will make presentations about their experiences. A permanent committee made up of members of civil society and government will work to raise awareness among the general public and to develop policies that favour an intercultural approach to education.