SDG 4 quality education4.5 Eliminate all discrimination in education.
4.6 Universal literacy and numeracy.

4.7 Education for sustainable development and global citizenship.
4.c Increase the supply of qualified teachers in developing countries.


This project, run by ACIES, had 3 lines of action:

  • develop the capacity of youth and children to express themselves in drawing and words
  • work with rural women to explore cultural expression through reading, storytelling and handicrafts
  • develop and share practices and strategies in alternative education with volunteers and teachers

Participants came from both the rural hamlet of Pomabamba and from an underserved urban neighbourhood in Cajamarca. The project reflected the Indigenous Andean culture of the region.

When COVID-19 struck, ACIES innovated. Incorporating the children’s stories and drawings and the women’s knitting, they produced videos, books, a music CD and even an interactive board game to keep the learning going. they also captured the experience in a book for teachers who wish to adopt their approach to education.