The project, run by Latidos, will offer training and accompaniment to 40 women who grow fresh produce, prepare foods, or make and sell crafts. The project will assist them develop their business plans, increase productivity and access new markets. They will also benefit from legal certification and use of the community garden planted during last year’s project. Over 2 years, they plan to participate in 2 local fairs and to form an association of women entrepreneurs for mutual support, collective action and future development.

Woman selling food

Women play an important—but often unacknowledged and unrewarded—role in agriculture in northern Peru. Sexism has conspired with limited access to education, training and resources to hold women back. This project builds on last year’s “Rural Women Sow Their Future” and seeks to help women in Cayaltí and Zaña build their businesses, earn higher incomes, assume leadership roles in their communities and achieve equality in the workplace and in their homes.