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For a third year, Heart-Links is funding a project, run by Madre Oliva Association, that provides much-needed support to a group of families in Nuevo Mocupe, a number of whose members (children and adults) have developmental disabilities. The project delivers treatment by specialists, counselling and life-skills training.

COVID-19 has aggravated conditions for these already very marginalized families. Employment is scarce for everybody but even more so for people who have few skills and resources. The price of food and other necessities has soared. For this reason, the 2021 project will supplies these families with a basic food basket every two weeks. Project leaders will also help them register with the Seguro Integral de Salud so they have ongoing access to state-funded health care.

girl, approximately 6 years old, plays with coloured blocks

Madre Oliva Association will continue to work with the school, the minicipality and the local health unit to ensure people living with developmental disabilities in their communities receive appropriate attention and do not face discrimination.