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Community members listen to a man who is showing them how to purify water. A translucent container full of muddy water sit on a white table.

Community-Led Development in Coloche


Following on the success of a similar project in neighbouring San Isidro, Centro Esperanza will work with 25 impoverished families in the rural community of Coloche, Lambayeque, to bring...

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women stands by table with trays of eggs on it while a child looks at the eggs

Diversifying to Prevent Hunger in San Isidro


The families of San Isidro have come a long way since 2017, when they fled their community because of floods caused by El Niño.

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men, women and children gather to receive bags of grain

Developing a Community Chicken Hatchery

  • COMPLETED 2022

This project, run by Centro Esperanza, builds on last year’s project to strengthen community organization and sustainable income generation by rural families whose houses, lands, crops, animals, irrigation system,...

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Shelter in Illimo

Helping Victims of El Niño Rebuild

  • COMPLETED 2020

This 20-month project, run by Centro Esperanza, accompanied, trained and provided material support to 35 rural families whose houses, lands, crops, animals, irrigation system, and water supply were damaged...

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Children dancing in traditional outfits

Promoting Intercultural Education

  • COMPLETED 2019

This project, run by Centro Esperanza, delivers intercultural sensitivity training to teachers in 5 high schools in urban and rural areas of Lambayeque, at the same time engaging both...

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