Heart-Links Lazos de Corazón has just wrapped up another year of working and walking in solidarity with our partners in northern Peru and the communities they serve. At our annual general meeting on May 27, we were very pleased to report that in 2017 we sent nearly $140,000 to Peru in support of community development and emergency relief in Cajamarca, Chiclayo and the Zaña Valley—an all-time high! (Read our annual report

We are deeply grateful to the many people whose donations made this possible.For 2018, we have pledged more than $128,000 toward projects that range from diversity training in schools in marginal neighbourhoods in Chiclayo, to completion of a centre for alternative education in Cajamarca, to capacity building for women farmers in the Zaña Valley. Our Board has approved financing for 13 projects with 6 partner organizations.It promises to be an exciting year, full of great new ventures and accomplishments. We hope we can count on your support as we move forward. There are many ways to give, but today we ask you to consider this one:

Take part in thePlease Help our Charity Win $10,000Every $1 you donate to our charity in June via GivingChallenge.ca counts as a ballot to help us win $10,000 from the GIV3 Foundation.

Please donate today – we really appreciate your help!