COVID-19 has forced all of us to learn new things: new tools for staying connected, new approaches to our work, new ways of helping each other through this difficult time. Flor Reaño, director of Heart-Links’ partner Latidos, is a shining example of somebody who had met this crisis head on—with energy, creativity and heart.

Woman in mask delivering clothes to young woman with baby
Flor making deliveries to a young mother.

Here are just some of the ways Flor and her team of volunteers have helped—and continue to help—the people of the Zaña Valley during the pandemic:

  • Delivery of food aid and school supplies to families in need
  • Virtual mental wellness workshops
  • Nutritious breakfast delivery in 4 communities
  • Workshops for women in sustainable farming methods
  • Helping rural women access markets for their vegetables
  • Promotion and training in starting home food gardens
  • A monthly open-air classroom for homework support
  • Storytelling contests using home videos and posting to Facebook
  • A decima-composing contest to commemorate International Women’s Day
  • Training for Latidos volunteers to help them adapt to the new circumstances
  • Door-to-door wellness checks
  • Vaccination campaigns
Man recites poem while another man drums on checo in from of Zaña ruins
Fernando recites a decima he composed in honour of the women of Zaña.

This is what people in the Zaña Valley are saying about Latidos:

I’m very grateful for the support given my daughter. She had no idea how to submit her homework using the telephone. Her emotional state has changed because of you.
—mother of Yasumi Goicochea

I’m so happy about the support you’ve given my daughter. She loves to participate in new things and to take part in the reading contests.
—mother of Dulce Anais Gallardo

I never thought the COVID-19 pandemic would help us to learn more than we had ever imagined. We’re not only teaching and helping the children and families but also ourselves. All of this helps us in our careers as early education teachers. Thank you for eveything.
—Latidos volunteer María Elena Chávez Urcia

girl plants seeds in egg shells
Zumi makes a mini garden.

Want to learn more about how your donations are helping Flor and her team help women and children in the Zaña Valley? Join us for our AGM and hear from Flor herself about the challenges of 2020 and the year ahead.