Heart-Links supported 14 projects in 2020. Financed by Heart-Links donors and run by our partner organizations in Peru, these projects helped people in Pomobamba and Cajamarca, in José Leonardo Ortiz, in San Isidro, across Lambayeque province, and in communities up and down the Zaña Valley.

woman receives laying hens from another woman

170 individuals and organizations in Canada donated just over $100,000 to Heart-Links to make this work possible. When Trish Gergich, chair of Heart-Links’ board of directors, spoke at our annual general meeting, she summed it up best: “When I think of kindness, I think of our donors.”

Reflecting on the extraordinary challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Trish went on: “We knew our donors would understand the need to be flexible with the funds sent to Peru and that they would be there to help. Our thanks to each of you who gave generously to support Heart-Links in 2020 or made special emergency donations.”

Who did your donations help? What impact did you make? Who else is part of the Heart-Links community?

Our 2020 Impact Report will answer many of these questions. And we’d be happy to answer any others you may have. You can reach us at info@heart-links.org or by telephone at 226-884-2845.

We leave 2020 behind, inspired to carry on. We will continue to work in solidarity—with you and with our partners in Peru—to create a more just and equitable world.  

Front page of impact report shows little girl planting seeds