Cyclone Yaku has caused flooding and destruction in the northern provinces of Peru, including many of the places Heart-Links’ partners work. The central government has declared a state of emergency in the region that includes Chiclayo, José Leonardo Ortiz, Lambayeque and the Zaña Valley.

Cyclone Yaku off the coast of Chiclayo.

“Here in the Zaña Valley, communities have been isolated, bridges washed away and a man from Zaña was even killed, he has not been found,” Flor Reaño, of Latidos, reports. “Houses have collapsed, others have been damaged by the constant rain. We hope this passes quickly because already food prices are rising and products are scarce in the places that have been cut off.” 

Latidos has purchased plastic sheeting and corrugated zinc sheeting to help the most vulnerable in these communities protect their homes.

Collapsed wall and roof of a house in the Zaña Valley.

Latidos’ rapid response to the emergency shows why strong community-based organizations are so important. It’s why at Heart-Links we believe it is just as important to support the growth and development of our local partners as it is to fund the projects they run.

When Flor Reaño founded Latidos in 2016, Heart-Links was the organization’s only funder. Latidos used that support to produce results that impressed other funders and broadened their base of support. In the last few years, we’ve seen the organization’s team of volunteers more than double. They’ve also been able to connect with government programs and services and bring these to the communities they serve.

Heart-Links’ partners are always at the ready to help the people of northern Peru. They can do this because of you, our supporters, who have invested in building strong, responsive, community-based organizations like Latidos.

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