“Helping each other out. That’s what communities do. But it really makes a difference if you already have an organized community . . . that’s used to working together and values working together. That’s what our partners have been doing—building these kinds of communities.”

Sheila Horrell, Heart-Links’ Peru Projects Committee

Heart-Links volunteers, donors, and guests connected in person and via Zoom last May 28 for our first-ever hybrid annual general meeting. Together we celebrated our partners’ achievements in 2022. And we celebrated the community of supporters whose donations make this work in Peru possible.

Heart-Links’ hybrid annual general meeting

Your donations helped fund seven projects in Peru totalling just over $84,000:

  • 34% on literacy and education
  • 16% on leadership
  • 30% on sustainably communities
  • 20% on health and wellness

All Heart-Links projects promote gender equality. They respect and value the knowledge and culture of project participants. In Cajamrca, this means preserving and promoting Indigenous Andean culture.

In the video below, Sheila Horrell describes (with photos!) how these projects have helped build resilient communities. Heart-Links’s decision to fund 2-year projects allows our partners to plan ahead. Our flexibility allows them to respond to changes on the ground, such as COVID19 or the recent flooding.

“Our partners know that we trust them,” Sheila says. “They are good, good partners, and we are very proud to be part of their extended community.”

Our donors are also part of this extended community where people work together and help each other out. Thank you for helping to create a more just and equitable world.