Erla Hoyos’ words last May 28 moved and inspired us. They still do. Erla, a member of our partner Centro Santa Angela’s leadership team, was guest speaker at our recent annual general meeting.

Erla spoke of the many crises Peruvians have edured recently: COVID19, political upheaval, racism, repression, flooding and now the worst outbreak of dengue in the country’s history. She spoke of the temptation to give in to discouragement and despair.

But Erla also spoke about hope. And about the amazing work Centro Santa Angela’s Leadership School is doing to “weave together” a better future.

Founded in 2014, the Leadership School has developed the leadership skills of scores of Peruvians, women and men, young and old. Graduates across the country exercise leadership that is horizontal, democratic, ethical and commited to human development. They are active and engaged citizens, holding their governments to account.

Heart-Links has been there from the beginning, providing financial support, accompaniment and solidarity.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen for yourself to what Erla has to say about this crucial initiative.