Last year, Heart-Links asked you to support Latidos’ project to bring primary health care to 8 villages in the Zaña Valley. At the time, most of these tiny rural communities had no doctor and no health clinic. Many of them had to face COVID-19 and other health threats without medical support, vaccines or regular checkups.

We are happy to report that your donations helped Latidos meet their goal of 8 villages and surpass it. They brought health and vaccination clinics to 15 communities in the valley. They worked closely with all five health centres in the valley and strengthened their reach by supplying medical and non-medical volunteers, transportation and lodging.

Latidos also campaigned to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination and disease prevention. In the towns of Zaña and Cayaltí, vaccination rates were 99%.

Thank you for responding to our appeal and helping improve health care in the Zaña Valley.

Karla Jiménez and her son.

Latidos has helped us health strategies in the communities. Thanks to their support with volunteers and logistics, we’ve been able to reach 90% of the most vulnerable communities.

Karla Jiménez, Zaña Health Centre
Angel David Salazar and Latidos volunteers

I am very grateful for the opportunity Latidos gave us to help. We often have the will, but we do not have the financial means. Thanks to Heart-Links, we were able to travel, have refreshments and to help many people. A unique experience.

Angel David Salazar, nursing student