Applications to join Heart-Links’ Solidarity Trip to Peru close in TWO DAYS!

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to visit the communities Heart-Links’ partners work with in Cajamarca, Chiclayo and Zaña.

This trip can be life-changing in the best way.

One alum told us that her trip to Peru prompted her to leave the private sector and start a career in fundraising for non-profits that advance women’s education. She completed a Master’s degree in Diversity, Equity and Social Justice and continues to support the work of Heart-Links.

This is one memory that stayed with her:

One evening while in Zaña, after dinner, our group took a walk down to the river to see the bridge to La Otra Banda. I was amazed that this bridge was used regularly. It was a great feat of engineering to use natural materials in the area, but it seemed so unsafe.

As we explored the area, took photographs or sketched, I watched the activity at the river. Horses were being brought for water, a truck was being washed and a group of small children were having their bedtime wash. I was impacted by the idea of water—how we take it for granted in Canada.

To this day, I am grateful when I turn on the shower in the morning and hot water comes out, when I pour a glass of water from my fridge dispenser with ice cubes at the ready. The Solidarity Trip made real for me, concepts of abundance in Canada. Once you see the value of a local river with your own eyes, it stays with you and changes you.