Thanks to the rapid and generous response of people across southwestern Ontario, Heart-Links’ partners were able to provide essential supplies and services to communities devastated by the floods that hit northern Peru at the beginning of the year.

Heart-Links raised $21,390 for flood relief and reconstruction in the communities where our partners work. Here are some of the things your dollars accomplished:

  • Centro Esperanza delivered chlorine tablets, plastic tarps, detergent, mosquito nets, and medicine to 15 families in Chiclayo affected by the flooding. They also provided temporary shelter for people who were displaced by the rains and supplied materials for rebuilding.
  • Latidos provided support to 100 families in the more remote villages of the Zaña Valley to supplement the often incomplete government assistance. Supplies delivered included potable water, roofing materials, and support materials for emergency brigades. Latidos also organized brigades and trained them in emergency response.
  • Centro Santa Angela, which worked as first responders in neighbourhoods in Chiclayo, purchased water pumps, fuel, boots, face masks, and food for people in need and assisted with cleanup following the floods. They delivered mattresses to 60 homeless families living in tents.

This emergency was very hard on the communities where Heart-Links works and on the partners we work with. Yet the disaster also highlighted the strength of community solidarity and what is possible when people organize and work together. Our partners worked alongside other organizations—both governmental and nongovernmental—to assist the most vulnerable. They made new contacts and gained access to new resources and information.

In the marginal neighbourhood of San Borja, for example, the women’s committee applied the leadership skills they have acquired in workshops run by Centro Esperanza, demonstrating accountability and credibility and deepening their ties with others in their community. Centro Santa Angela also reported that the emergency has provided participants in their leadership schools and ecological programs with an opportunity to apply the training that they have received.

Donations from the Emergency Fund will continue to support efforts to help people affected by the flooding rebuild their homes and communities.