As Peru enters its third month of quarantine, Heart-Links’ partners continue to work to stop the disease’s spread and to keep the people in their communities safe and healthy.

In José Leonardo Ortiz, in Lambayeque province, Centro Santa Angela is encouraging children in their ecological program to become citizen reporters. From their homes, boys and girls are delivering public service messages to their friends and neighbours by video and home-made posters placed in their windows for passersby to see.

What are the messages children are delivering? Stay at home. Continue to reduce, reuse and recycle. Dispose properly of tissues and other waste that could be infected with COVID-19. Spread love.

Posted by Centro Santa Angela on Saturday, 18 April 2020

As of May 31, Peru reports 164,476 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Authorities have extended the quarantine to the end of June, although some industries will be allowed to resume operations. Lambayeque province, which includes José Leondardo Ortiz, continues to be one of the hardest hit regions, but there are signs of hope. On May 29, Lambayeque for the first time saw a decrease in the daily number of fatalities.

José Leonardo Ortiz reports 1,000 cases and 85 deaths.