Winter is fast approaching, and at Heart-Links, that means looking ahead to next year. Our Peru Projects Committee is already reviewing worthy new proposals from our partners in Peru, weighing how and where to allocate funds to best serve the communities that need them to pursue their life-changing work.

Your ongoing support is what makes our work possible. With it we have been able to gradually reach out to new communities and expand the number of programs we support.

Heart-Links currently funds all or part of 12 projects in northern Peru. We have sent $150,000 to Peru this year to finance these projects, and we expect to spend a similar amount there next year.

Your dollars have led to real improvements in the lives of real people: a little boy in Cajamarca has a safe space to express himself, a mother in Zaña is building her self-esteem, her support network and her earnings by producing and selling traditional crafts with a women’s circle, a young man in Chiclayo has become an ally in the struggle against violence against women.

Thank you for taking this journey of solidarity with us, for saying to people in another part of the world, “I see you and I am with you.”

To keep our work going strong into 2019 and beyond, we ask you to consider becoming a monthly donor. Even a small monthly donation goes a long, long way at Heart-Links.

Here are some examples of what your gift can do:


Reprint 100 copies of a book that preserves the culture of Indigenous communities and fosters literacy in the mountains of Cajamarca.


Give a child in the Zaña Valley the opportunity to attend an after-school program proven to improve participant behaviour and learning outcomes in their regular school program.


Give a teenager in the Zaña Valley the opportunity to engage with peers in workshops on self-esteem, healthy sexuality, social media etiquette, cultural identity and more.


Fund 30 days of a community-led action plan to rehabilitate parks, plant trees, clean up garbage and reduce waste in an impoverished neighbourhood of 100 families in Chiclayo.

Please use our printable Donor Form, choosing either a monthly donation or a one-time gift. Or Donate Now using our online form.

In solidarity,

Heart-Links Lazos de Corazón